ansible-galaxy install <username.rolename>
–roles-path <destination> -r <roles.txt>
<username.rolename>[,version] user1.role1,v1.0.0 user2.role2,v0.5 user2.role3

# install roles from different sources # ansible-galaxy install -r install_roles.yml


# from galaxy
- src: yatesr.timezone

# from github
- src:

# from github, overriding the name and specifying a specific tag
- src:
  version: master
  name: nginx_role

# from a webserver, where the role is packaged in a tar.gz
- src:
  name: http-role

# from bitbucket, if bitbucket happens to be operational right now :)
- src: git+
  version: v1.4

# from bitbucket, alternative syntax and caveats
- src:
  scm: hg