gcloud init

gcloud auth list # list accounts whose credentials are stored on the local system gcloud config list # list the properties in your active SDK configuration

gcloud info # view information your Cloud SDK installation and the active SDK configuration gcloud help # view help # e.g. “gcloud help compute instances create”

# Google cloud registry https://cloud.google.com/container-registry/docs/pushing

gcloud compute ssh <NODE> # ssh logout


docker build -t <user>/<image_name> . # build docker tag <user>/<image> <zone>/<project>/<image> # copy to new tag

gcloud docker push gcr.io/your-project-id/example-image # push to registry gcloud docker pull gcr.io/your-project-id/example-image # pull from registry

gcloud container clusters get-credentials <cluster_name> –zone <xone> –project <project>

gcloud container clusters delete <cluster_name>

gcloud container clusters list gcloud container clusters describe guestbook

# Create cluster #


gcloud config set compute/zone us-central1-a gcloud container clusters create <cluster_name> gcloud container clusters get-credentials <cluster_name>

# Delete IMAGES gsutil ls You should see: gs://artifacts.<$PROJECT_ID>.appspot.com/ And then to remove the all the images under this path, run: gsutil rm -r gs://artifacts.$PROJECT_ID.appspot.com/