Anaconda instructions


conda update conda
conda update anaconda

Display a list of installed packages and their versions:

conda list

Create a new environment named /envs/snowflakes with the program Biopython:

conda create --name snowflakes biopython
conda create --name bunnies python=3 astroid babel

To activate this environment, use:

source activate snowflakes

To deactivate this environment, use:

source deactivate

See a list of environments:

conda info --envs

Make an exact copy of an environment:

conda create --name <dest_name> --clone <source_name>

Remove environment:

conda remove --name flowers --all

Remove pkg from env:

conda remove --name <env_name> <pkg_name>

Search packages contain ‘text’:

conda search <text>

--full-name search packages with full name 'python'

conda install <pkg_name>                                    # install pkg to current env
                          --name <env_name> <pkg_name>      # install pkg to 'env_name' environment
                          --channel <pkg_name>    # install a package from

pip install <pkg_name>      # install via pip
        uninstall <pkg_name>        # uninstall via pip